10 Cleaning Tricks That Will Leave Your Home Spotless in an Instant

Photo by ThamKC from Envato Elements

Trick no. 5: Spruce up musty carpets with baking soda

Professional cleaning is really expensive and while some may afford this option, when it comes to the vast majority of Americans, is not the case. Luckily, there’s an inexpensive and quite easy solution to your musty carpets. You just have to sprinkle a couple of spoons of baking soda, let it sit for two hours, and vacuum it.

Trick no. 6: Clean your shower using lime juice

Yes, it sounds weird, but it works. If that grime on your shower doesn’t want to go away, mix water with lime juice and pour the solution into your shower, and then clean. Voilà! Everything is clean now and you’ll don’t have to buy expensive cleaning products anymore.

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