10 Clear Signs It’s Time to Seek Marriage Counseling

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4. One of you doesn’t like how the other uses social media

“For some couples, social media isn’t a problem at all,” explains Leeth. “This is usually because both of them agree on the role, nature, and use of social media.” However, it appears that contacting your exes through social media has become a national sport during this quarantine.

So, if your partner isn’t okay with how you use your social media accounts, it can become a major source of conflict in your relationship. “One person may be OK with having exes on Facebook, while the other is not,” Leeth notes. “One person may think that social media is for close friends and family only, while the other is much more inclusive.”

Therapists say that the best way to fix this problem is to discuss boundaries in your marriage. Both of you should set some limits in order to protect your marriage. However, those limits should be agreed by both parties, it’s called a ‘partnership’ for a reason.

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