10 Things Not to Wear on a Plane

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2. Your favorite outfit

“Never wear anything that if it gets spilled on, will supremely bum you out,” said relationship expert April Masini. “It’s very easy to spill or get spilled on when there’s turbulence and elbow-to-elbow seat mates.”

She also added that “any spill on your clothing is going to be disappointing, but if you’re wearing something expensive, heirloom-valuable, or tough to replace or clean, leave it home or pack it.”

A flight can easily ruin your favorite outfit. Spilling drinks, out-of-control toddlers, and bathroom turbulence, all these annoying situation represent a threat to your perfect look. “Airplane turbulence and food and drink without lids make spills on your clothing a matter of timeā€”not a possibility,” said Masini.

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10 Things Not to Wear on a Plane

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