10 Weird Addictions That Could Make You Lose Everything

7. Oniomania – Shopping

Shopping addiction.
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Shopping addictions have been largely trivialized by the media, especially in recent years, causing two more issues. First, some people may begin to wonder if they’re addicted to shopping when in reality they may just like shopping a little more than the average person.

Secondly, it makes it seem as though a shopping addiction isn’t all that serious, making the addicted person seem quirky rather than in need of immediate help.

So how does a person suffering from this act and what are the consequences of this addiction?

Shopping addicts are known to shop for hours every day despite feeling ashamed and sorry for their actions. As such they might look for ways to hide their addiction such as lying about prices, deals, sales, or even claiming that their new items are either gifts or prizes. They won’t necessarily buy things they need and their homes can become messy. In more extreme cases they’ll even try to hide their purchases from their own families.

Obviously, buying so much comes with repercussions, especially financial ones. A shopping addict can accumulate a huge amount of debt very quickly, especially if they’re addicted to buying expensive items such as designer clothes or electronics.

The good news is that this sort of addiction can be cured or maintained. Therapy, support groups, and medication are three things that have been proven to work. Much like with other forms of addiction, having the support of close family members or friends can help the person take significant steps forward.

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