12 Lucky Things That Actually Happened on Friday the 13th


7. A daring woman takes flight

On one Friday the 13th in 1939, a brave leader proved the day to be full of good fortune. On this date, Evelyn Pinckert Kilgore became the first licensed female flight instructor. Kilgore, who lived in San Bernardino, California, was licensed under the Civil Air Authority.

8. Precious metal

If you’re a rock and roll lover then you might already know that a Friday the 13th in 1970 was very fortuitous indeed. It was actually the day that Black Sabbath released its self titled debut album—a day specifically chosen by the label, according to Rolling Stone, “to capitalize on the band’s creepy mystique.”

The band is believed to be the first heavy metal ensemble in the history of music. “We knew instantly that ‘Black Sabbath’ (the song that gave the band its name) was very different to what was around at the time,” guitarist Tony Iommi said.

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