14 Electrical Mistakes You Should Definitely Avoid

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3. Running an extension cord out a window

If your house wasn’t designed with outdoor electrical sockets, don’t look for a workaround when installing your holiday lights or deck lights.

“Never run an extension cord through a window even if it is for temporary use,” says Nicholas Fattizzi of Paul Fattizzi Electric. He also says that this can fray its wires, which actually leads to a fire risk, and that most indoor extension cords aren’t rated for outdoor use to begin with.

4. Or using them as a long lasting solution

Using extension chords in your home as a permanent option instead of fixing the problem is a huge mistake that could cost you dearly.

“If you have extension cords running throughout your house or apartment, then you are putting your electrical system at risk as well as putting curious children and pets at risk of serious injury or worse,” says Fattizzi.

Not only do they pose a serious threat to you and your beloved ones, but they’re a fire risk when used in a careless or lengthy capacity.

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