14 Things You Should NEVER Store in Your Basement (Here’s Why)

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3. Family heirlooms

If you have a valuable object that has belonged to your family for several generations, it’s not safe to store it in your basement. “Your basement may have never flooded up until now, but that’s no guarantee it will never happen,” says Socci.

“A pipe could burst or unusual weather activity could cause unexpected flooding. If you have ever witnessed the aftereffects of a flooded basement, you know that water and mildew spare nothing,” she notes.

4. Bedding

Humid environments such as basements are the best place for mold and mildew, meaning you won’t want to keep bedding down there unless, of course, it’s well sealed. After all, nobody wants to press their face and body against something that’s been potentially invaded by harmful mold spores, which can eventually cause everything from headaches to respiratory distress.

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