25 Things You Should Avoid Like the Plague When Shopping at Walmart

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3. Phone accessories

It might be quite surprising to you to find out that retailers such as Walmart are charging way more for phone accessories than other big retailers like Amazon. In fact, it doesn’t happen very often to find a phone case at Walmart and to be cheaper there versus on Amazon.

Check Amazon! There’s a plethora of phone cases and phone accessories there. It makes more sense to buy any phone accessories from Amazon than Walmart or Costco.

4. Appliances

Just like TVs, appliances shouldn’t be purchased at Walmart. According to Consumer Reports, Walmart offers a really small selection when it comes to appliances, and they sell well due to their low-prices. However, you should avoid buying appliances at Walmart since like their TVs the quality is not exactly up to scratch.

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Instead, focus more on retailers such as Home Depot and Best Buy.

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