30 Unlikely Celebrities Who Posed In Their ‘Birthday Suits’

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Carmen Electra

Carmen Electra was a Playboy regular and deemed by many the sexiest bunny of all time. She appeared on the cover three times, and it helped launch her career as a mainstream model.

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Goldie Hawn

The wonderful Goldie Hawn appeared on the holiday edition of Playboy in 1985. She posed sitting in a giant Champagne glass wearing a white shirt and red heels.

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Anna Nicole Smith

Anna Nicole Smith lived a short but exciting life, appearing on the cover of Playboy five times. She was named Playmate of the Year in 1993.

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Joan Collins

Joan Collins did the cover of Playboy in 1983, and she went full ‘Dynasty’ glam. She was already 50 years old at the time, and she looked amazing!

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6 thoughts on “30 Unlikely Celebrities Who Posed In Their ‘Birthday Suits’”

  1. Unlikely? What a laugh. Most of these celebrities would walk down Rodeo Drive naked at high noon if they thought anyone would look!

    1. Gregory J Switek

      And what would be wrong with that. It is a shame that our culture has sexualized nudity so much that we can’t be free with it. We are so conditioned that naked is naughty that it is done for shock value. Much of Europe is a bit more relaxed and those celebrities, note all women, would not have the same publicity platform.

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