6 Amazing Handmade Christmas Gifts

Image By JavisH From Shutterstock

1. Custom cutting board

The people in your life who love cooking will definitely love this gift! Not only is it a really classy gift, but it is also showing that you pay attention to their interests and hobbies. You can have their name or initials engraved in one, along with the date so that they can remember the year they got it. It is both a thoughtful and useful gift, so truly, what is there not to love?

You can either find a really nice cutting board and use a woodburning tool to make it yourself, just make sure you are careful not to get injured, or you can find someone on Etsy that can personalize one for you. Just keep a close eye on their reviews!

Image Courtesy of Pinterest

2. Color-dipped mugs

Sometimes, those trendy minimalist geometric shape pattern mugs are really hard to find. Not only that, but they can also cost an arm and a leg! If your friends or family would love to have a set, you can actually easily craft them yourself. All you need is the mugs (you can even reuse some plain old white ones), masking or blue painter’s tape, indoor matte spray paint in your choice of color, and a clear sealer for ceramic to make sure the paint will stay on the mug.

It’s fairly easy, just use the tape to create the shape you want, spray paint it, seal the color and let it dry. While it is an easy and beginner-friendly DIY, we recommend you find a trusty tutorial on the internet to make sure you do not miss any steps, there are lots of them available.

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