6 Best Wineries in the US

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6. Vineland Estates Winery (Niagara Falls, New York State)

You may have thought that we would start this list with one of the many Californian vineyards, as the warmer climate helps the fruit to prosper, however, we have a more unconventional suggestion first. If you happen to be around New York State, the mighty Niagara Falls is not the only stop you will want to make. Of course, there are lots to visit in the state, but we suggest you also make a stop at the Vineland Estates Winery when you come back from admiring the waterfall.

The winery is gorgeous, a local family-owned establishment that is full of history and, obviously, amazing wine! They offer tastings of vintage wines, their most famous one being a Riesling. Not only do you get to taste their great wine paired with amazing regional specialties, but you get to do so in one of their restored historic buildings (one of them is a restored homestead dating back to the 1840s). You get both a piece of history and a way to relax at the same time. If all this has not sold you on this location yet, their views are spectacular as the winery oversees the Niagara Escarpment and Lake Ontario. What more could you wish for?

5. Augusta Winery (Augusta, Missouri)

Even the most versed in wineries might not know about the August Winery in Missouri. Despite being the first ever recognized US Wine District, due to the climate and conditions that allowed the region to be able to grow and produce wine ever since the 1800s, the Missouri River Valley Winery is not that well known outside the region.

Even so, everyone who works for this vineyard is very well versed in all the wines they produce, but also in all the types of wine and grapes that are made and grown all over the world. They are true masters of the wine (like everyone else on this list), guaranteed to make your time spent there worthwhile. Together with the amazing location of the winery, you can visit them to enjoy a glass of award-winning wine paired with delicious charcuterie boards, to feast your eyes and soul and your tummy. The best thing yet, you can find their wines all over the region if you happen to fall in love with any of them.

4. Jacuzzi Family Vineyards (Sonoma Valley, California)

Sonoma Valley is home to numerous vineyards and wineries, after all, sunny California is full of them, one better than the other. You do not have to go to Nappa in order to enjoy the finest of wines and, in this case, you will not have to fly to Tuscany for an authentic experience either. The Jacuzzi Family Vineyard will offer you an amazing experience right in the heart of the original Northern California wine country!

Despite being opened in 2007, the winery has a long history, dating back to the grandfather of the owner now, after whom the vineyard has been named. Valeriano Jacuzzi moved to Northern California in 1907, bought a 161-acre farm, and started planting the grapes we see today. He got his wine-making license sometime after 1936 and the rest is history. The family continues to make amazing Italian and Californian wine varieties, guaranteed to satisfy any tastes and preferences. You can find anything from Prosecco to Pinot Noir, so do not miss the chance to visit this winery!

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