6 Best Wineries in the US

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3. Colterris Winery (Palisade, Colorado)

You may not think that you can find grapes in the middle of the desert, but Colorado has a lot of things up its sleeve! Right in the middle of the desert, there is a wine oasis, known as the Colterris winery. Truly, Palisade cannot surprise us more! Their wines are going to delight your senses with unique fruity flavors such as peach, cherries, and lavender as you try their estate-grown and blended wines.

Their winery is overseeing the mighty Colorado River and we cannot forget the amazing foothills of Grand Mesa! What more can you ask for when you sample their wide varieties of Bordeaux, Merlot, and Cabernet Sauvignon? You will definitely feast your palette and your eyes!

2. Kramer Vineyards (Willamette Valley, Oregon)

Despite California being the most well known western state for winemaking, we cannot forget about another one that gets just as much hype as they do: Oregon. Kramer Vineyards have been family owned and run for two generations and are truly one of the gems you can find in Willamette Valley! The Valley is known as Oregon’s goldmine when it comes to wines, so you definitely cannot miss this place if you happen to be around the area.

The Kramer Vineyard has some of the best wines in the region, together with the region’s staple the Pinot Noir. Yet, this is not the only variety they have as you should definitely give a chance to their superb Chardonnay, Riesling, Pinot Gris, and even more! A taste testing at this location, paired with amazing gourmet lunch would be an afternoon you will not forget.

1. Eberle Winery (Paso Robles, California)

As we were saying earlier, Nappa and Sonoma Valley are pretty well known when it comes to Californian wines but we should not let them get away with all the fame! You can find amazing wines all over the state, but Paso Robles can brag about more than just its wineries. The northern city is home to numerous vineyards and olive groves. Just three hours north of Santa Barbara, you can find this city and the one representative winery for the region, Eberle Winery.

Not as old as some others on this list, this winery started its fame with a 1979 Cabernet Sauvignon, and the rest was history. They have been producing wine for over 40 years now and they are known to be the best in the region. You may not believe us, so we suggest you go try their wines for yourself! You will definitely not regret it as their tasting rooms are charming and elegant, some of them even overlooking the gorgeous green vineyards. A truly authentic experience!

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