6 Tragic Things About Princess Diana

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1. Marrying a stranger

If you just went on a couple of dates, would you marry that virtual complete stranger? We think not. Or even worse, would you marry an acquaintance you met just a few times in your life? That one is a no brainer, as most of us would not marry someone we do not know well. The same cannot be said about Diana Spencer, who has met Prince Charles about 12 times before they were to be married.

The two met when Diana was 16, Charles was 29 at the time, because the man knew Diana’s older sister. And the rest was history, as it was decided that the two should get married. In declarations given later, the woman recalled the courtship as a bit weird, but had nothing to compare it to, and that it was never all fun and games. Princess Diana’s thoughts were written in her biography that came out in 1992, and she perceived the situation as if she was a sacrificial lamb in the situation she was in.

2. Abandoned as a child

Princess Diana may have what many envision to be a rags to riches story, after all, you do not get to marry a prince every day. But it is not totally true, as before she was made princess she was a lady. Her father, the Earl of Spencer, was British nobility, which made her part of it as well, inheriting the title of Lady and making her, at least on paper, fit to marry the Prince.

Yet, tragically, her childhood, despite the lavish lifestyle, was not a happy one. Diana and her siblings were abandoned by their mother when she was just 6 years old. What makes matters worse, is that she believed that she would be back soon so she spent years on the doorstep waiting for her to return. Unfortunately, she never returned. Due to this episode, her father ended up with severe depression, and the kids were left in the hands of numerous nannies. The princess herself remembered her early years as unhappy, even going as far as considering her stuffed animal as her family.

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