8 of the Worlds Most Secretive Military Bases

Image By Dawnie Fung From Shutterstock

Area 6

Part of the massive Nevada Test Site complex and not as famous (infamous) as its double digit cousin Area 51, Area 6 is still a military installation shrouded in its own mystery. Although it has been known for years as one of the many nuclear test sites, information about what goes on at there is limited at best but over the years some information has leaked out.

The area houses some buildings and a hangar but what is of most interest is a mysterious asphalt runway. However, many defense experts say that the runway is runway is too small for fighter jets or bombers leading many to question its true purpose. One of the theories put forward suggest it is used for remotely piloted planes to do practice runs for reconnaissance work. Other theories include it being a base for testing drone technology. The truth is yet to be confirmed.


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