8 of the Worlds Most Secretive Military Bases

Image By Tereshchenko Dmitry From Shutterstock

Dugway Proving Ground

Similar to the United Kingdom installation Porton Down, the U.S. Army facility Dugway Proving Grounds was founded in 1942 to test biological and chemical weapons to develop counter measures against them. The 800,000 acres of Utah desert has long claimed to be just a training facility for the US Army Reserves and National Guard but many believe there is far more to the complex.

With the popularity of conspiracy theories surrounding Area 51 many ‘researchers’ have made the claim that when the information about what had been going on at Area 51 became more publicly known, the shady goings on were swiftly relocated to Area 6. The army did try to quell such rumors in 2018 when they opened their doors to the public, but the limited access left people still believing they had plenty to hide.


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