Got COVID-19 While On Vacation? Here’s What To Do

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What happens next?

After you have tested positive you have to self quarantine until you test negative. You will have to take multiple tests until then as well.

Now about the quarantine: it depends on the country you are quarantining, but in some countries you can extend your stay and isolate yourself there.

If the country requires it you will have to go to a special hotel designed for that.

No matter what, you have to be prepared to break the bank because it’s gonna cost you some money.

Take into consideration the fact that you will need an extra sum for food (since you’re most likely not allowed to leave your room you will have to order), medical tests or aid that you may need (we hope none).

What else should I know?

Before traveling abroad you should also check the U.S. State Department Covid website which will provide you with information regarding the entry and exit requirements in certain countries.

In addition, it would be ideal to also bring some test with you in the trip, it can save you some money since the officials also accept self-tests when coming back to the States.

Specialist also mention that people who haven’t had their vaccine dose at all should reconsider taking a vacation abroad nowadays because they are more likely to get the virus than those vaccinated.

They also advise us to wait until we are fully vaccinated so we can travel under safe conditions.

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