Need Help Organizing? Use These 10 Amazing Thrift Finds!

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3. Vintage Trays

Trays aren’t just for the kitchen and dinner table! They can help organize any space and, luckily, vintage Florentine trays are all the rage nowadays. You can use them, for example, in the bathroom to organize shaving supplies. In the bedroom, they’re a perfect place to store perfumes and colognes, skincare products or even makeup.

You can find them for $2 to $10 if you’re lucky, just keep in mind that they’ve become very popular as of late, so you might want to keep an eye out for them for a while until you find a good one to match your home!

4. Old Wooden Drawers

Yes, you read that right. Old wooden drawers are perfect for organizing just about anything in your home, from belts, scarves, gloves to every-day clothes even. A good fit could also be used to store purses, shoes or bulky sweaters under the bed, too.

You can find them easily at thrift stores. If hutches and dressers can’t be salvaged, there’s no point in throwing everything away. That’s why thrift stores sell drawers all on their own! They definitely help add that vintage allure to every space.

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