These 9 Celebs Say They Believe in UFOs

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Olivia Newton-John

The star of Grease not only thinks she’s seen a UFO when she was younger, she even says that most people in England firmly believe in the existence of such spacecrafts.

Olivia Newton-John, during an interview with The Sun in 2009, said that she’s only caught a glimpse of a UFO once when she was younger, but she believed in their existence ever since. She described it as, “it was unidentified and it was flying.”

That certainly ticks the requirements.

But do you really think that most of our neighbors from across the pond believe in extraterrestrial life?

Nick Jonas

When pop singer Nick Jonas and a friend spotted unidentified objects in the sky from his backyard in L.A., he didn’t just call it a day, he continued to do research.

He retold the tale during an interview on This Morning, a beloved U.K. series, in 2015. According to the pop singer, back in 2008, he was with a friend in his back yard when both of them saw the mysterious objects in the sky. He confirmed they were UFOs by going online and finding “three identical sightings two weeks before.” These accounts convinced him that they’d nearly made contact with extraterrestrial life forms.

So if you lived or visited L.A. in 2008 and happened to see something unexplainable in the sky, maybe you know what Nick Jonas is talking about.

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2 thoughts on “These 9 Celebs Say They Believe in UFOs”

  1. I believe in UFOS because our universe is so big it is impossible for us to be the only ones here!!! Not all of us are crazy when sightings are reported; there not balloons!!

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