16 Shocking Plastic Surgery Fails

16 Shocking Plastic Surgery Fails


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4 thoughts on “16 Shocking Plastic Surgery Fails”

    1. I remember some controversy over this. Apparently the woman was ugly and had plastic surgery to make her beautiful. I think the husband divorced her when he found out…for giving him “ugly kids”. You will notice all the kids have really slanted eyes while both of theirs are round. She originally had eyes like the kids! I do believe it was a divorce based on fraud…making him believe she was always beautiful.

  1. This is truly a sad. These women were originally very lovely but evidently not happy with the face God gave them..so….decided to ask someone to change them, to enhance their face. Instead, most of them now, look as tho they belong in a circus side show. Why arn’t people satisfied with God’s work because anything and everything that he creates is beautiful and should never be changed.

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