5 Things Happening Only in Russia Today

Image By twenty20photos From Envato Elements

We all know at least one or two stereotypes when it comes to the Russian people and Russia as a country. From the overused joke that they drink a ton of vodka to the fact that some like to fight bears in their free time (who would actually find that fun we do not know). And we do not deny that there are a ton of bizarre people that actually do get drunk and fight bears, but it is not good to generalize anyone.

As we know, some of the stereotypes are rooted in a sliver of truth: the Russian women are gorgeous (there are a lot of them who are models). Otherwise, they do have quite a lot of things that happen only in their country that not a lot of people know about. We can all say that these habits are not that unique, but at the same time, we doubt your neighbor would give up their normal lunch for soup.

Find out more about these things that happen mainly in Russia today and let us know if you can think of something just as weird that’s happened in your own hometown!

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