5 Vintage Pics of Celebrities on The Red Carpet

Image By Andrea Raffin From Shutterstock

With how extravagant the red carpet looks seem to be getting from one year to another, we seem to forget that fashion is everchanging and that these classy looks and gowns were not always the norm. Surely, men always wore the never missing suit on their appearances on the red carpet. But there were some others who chose to forgo it and be a little more daring, be it with style, jewelry, patterns, or other things.

Take a trip down memory lane as we remember some old looks from our favorite celebrities and how they used to dress for special occasions about three decades ago! From the amazing actors we have lost to emblematic TV show personalities, we gathered some of them so you too can remember the beginnings of televised award shows, where spectacle wasn’t on the table.

Let us know which one of them was your favorite!

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