6 Strange Moments Between Donald and Ivanka Trump

Photo by Al Teich from shutterstock.com

If you’ve watched the news or followed the stories about Donald Trump, you already know that he is quite a controversial person. He is known for saying what comes to his mind and he is not afraid of being ridiculous on some occasions.

According to many people, some of the most disturbing things that he has ever done are the comments he made on his eldest daughter, Ivanka. Don’t get us wrong, we love a family that is close and sticks together no matter what, but sometimes, things can get a bit strange and out of line.

From weird comments on her body image to touching her in ways a father shouldn’t do, to referring to her as being “hot”, here are our 6 moments when Donald and Ivanka Trump were not a good example of a father-daughter relationship.

…Numbers 1 and 6 are going to blow your mind! 

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