9 Incredible Weather Events Caught on Camera

9 Incredible Weather Events Caught on Camera

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) reported that this year was the fifth consecutive year with more than ten weather and climate disaster events that caused $1 billion in damage and loss in the United States.

That’s the first time on record this has ever happened, though crazy weather has occasionally changed the course of history.

However, even if we are talking about unfortunate events, there is beauty in the most dangerous storms—and photographer and author Eric Meola highlighted the best of his storm-chasing in his new book, Fierce Beauty: Storms of the Great Plains.

Check out the extraordinary work of Eric Meola!


Lightning show

“A pearlescent cumulonimbus cloud shot 10 miles straight up above our heads while bolt after bolt of cloud-to-ground lightning struck the earth, as fireflies pulsed in the darkness, telegraphing the night’s mystery in flashes of light.” — Six Plumes of Lightning (Stamford, Nebraska)

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