Islamorada Adventure

Situated between the watery wilderness of the Everglades and the deep blue of the Florida strait, Islamorada is a tropical paradise that invigorates, takes the breath away, calls for adventure. Islamorada and its six-island
community welcome adventurers of every stripe. Craving a rush? You’ll find it here.

Be a marine mammal
Think of a marine activity and do it. Kiteboard the wind and waves; kayak a shimmering world of seagrass beds and tidal flats; paddleboard the wetlands; tour of shore to see tropical fish, dolphins, manatees, crocodiles, and roseate spoonbills.

.Kiteboarding in Islamorada

Venture out to Lignumvitae Key State Botanical Site, a hammock forest atop the remains of an ancient coral reef. Or visit Windley Key Fossil Reef State Geological Site.

Lingnumvita Key State Botanical Site – Islamorada

Fins and more
Sportfishing was practically invented here. You can charter fish the shallows, reefs, and deep water. Go for catch-and-release tarpon, yellow snapper, kingfish, and mahi mahi; or bring your prize in to a local restaurant and have the chef prepare it to your liking.

Strap on a pair of fins yourself and dive on the eagle, a freighter scuttled in 105 feet of water and now a lively reef. Or be a hero for a day: Join a restoration crew and help clean a coral nursery. In the village, sample the dockside fish houses and gourmet cafes. And cruise the cool galleries of Morada Way Arts & Cultural District.

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