7 Things That Are Slowly, But Surely Disappearing

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Growing up with certain things such as paper maps, fax machines, and alarm clocks was wonderful. Sadly, in the not too distant future, these things will surely disappear. And although most of them still exist today, we don’t tend to use them anymore.

When was the last time you’ve rented a movie or used a physical calculator? Can’t remember? That’s probably because almost everything from our childhood has ‘an improved’ version.

Technology and our constant desire for improving our lives are the culprits of obsolescence, and while indeed the digital era has come with many breakthroughs that have enhanced the way we live today, we still miss those days when landline phones were a thing.

*Do you miss them too?

Here are other things that are likely to become obsolete in the not too distant future.

1. Public payphones

The first entry of our list is the public payphone. And if ‘please insert 25 cents’ rings a bell for you, you know we’re completely entitled to place it on this list. Public payphones are definitely something we will not see anymore in a decade or so.

Because everyone has a smartphone now, the need of using public payphones decreased significantly.

Now we are more used to seeing them in action movies when the bad guy doesn’t want his call to be traced. (Although, between us, payphone calls can be easily traced because they are actually part of a telephonic network.)

This next one completely adds up……

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17 thoughts on “7 Things That Are Slowly, But Surely Disappearing”

  1. YES, I still have a “clock radio” by my bed with an alarm.
    I am so sick of technology taking away all we have grown up with and replacing it with a “smart” phone” that is for the young people, not for us seniors. I was just told that my landline is no longer a landline but connected to the WiFi! AND that means that my alarm company has to up my bill!?


    AGAPE GWL/MD (Ret)

    1. I also have a clock radio, which is set to music to wake up to. Also two battery-run alarm clocks which are sometimes used instead. Don’t have any plans to get rid of them, Only use my cell-phone alarm clock when I travel.

  3. For people who have large homes, landlines can be a necessity. Older people do no carry their cell phones with them when they are in their homes. So a cordless phone in almost every room is logical.

  4. sure I still use a vintage alarm clock even if only to see what time it is. Wouldn’t want to be without ! I also don’t have a smart phone as I am now completely deaf and can’t use a phone without captions. It is just really bad that most people never think of those among us who can’t use a smart phone because we can’t “hear or understand” people on the phone nor TV nor video . . . etc.

  5. I did get rid of the landline. However …As to pay phones they are already all gone. There in ONE left in all of NYC! I have a massive CD collection. I listen to them daily and still order new ones all the time (I also have all my favorite movies on DVD – because it’s hard to find anything worth watching on tv most of the time). And yes, I have a beautiful retro electric alarm clock and I do occasionally use a cute little calculator. And lastly, my old car is full of paper maps and no GPS. 🙂

  6. I have several calculators which I use often. Do not use a c-phone unless I am away from my home. Do not use the built-in calculator., as I prefer the non-technical ones. I have a ‘dumb’ phone, not a smart phone.

  7. I prefer paper maps which I use often, both within my home and when I used to drive. Depending with whom I’m riding in a car with, I still prefer paper maps. I can see far more on a paper roadmap than I can on any GPS unit. In years past, long Before GPS units, if I was traveling somewhere within a state, I would buy County street maps.

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