7 Things That Are Slowly, But Surely Disappearing

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Growing up with certain things such as paper maps, fax machines, and alarm clocks was wonderful. Sadly, in the not too distant future, these things will surely disappear. And although most of them still exist today, we don’t tend to use them anymore.

When was the last time you’ve rented a movie or used a physical calculator? Can’t remember? That’s probably because almost everything from our childhood has ‘an improved’ version.

Technology and our constant desire for improving our lives are the culprits of obsolescence, and while indeed the digital era has come with many breakthroughs that have enhanced the way we live today, we still miss those days when landline phones were a thing.

*Do you miss them too?

Here are other things that are likely to become obsolete in the not too distant future.

1. Public payphones

The first entry of our list is the public payphone. And if ‘please insert 25 cents’ rings a bell for you, you know we’re completely entitled to place it on this list. Public payphones are definitely something we will not see anymore in a decade or so.

Because everyone has a smartphone now, the need of using public payphones decreased significantly.

Now we are more used to seeing them in action movies when the bad guy doesn’t want his call to be traced. (Although, between us, payphone calls can be easily traced because they are actually part of a telephonic network.)

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