5 Crazy Things People Did For Fame

Image By Ron Maxwell From Shutterstock

Remember the cinnamon challenge? Those seven seconds of internet fame can be a big thing for today’s generation. It can even be a big thing for some adults, some of which purposefully choose to join some of these internet challenges and dares just to show how cool they can be. We understand that something as small as a few second clips can truly make (or break) an internet career but some of these challenges have gotten way out of hand. And the worst thing is that our children are the main targets of these things! Not to mention the innate urge kids have to repeat what they see on the internet because it seems fun, not taking into consideration any warnings.

Here we revisit some of the craziest things people have done in order to get famous, only for them to have had a drastically different reaction from the public due to how dangerous or just plain dumb they have been. Sure, some would try anything, but it’s good to remember (and retrospectively laugh) at some of these so we make sure no one does them again.

Let us know if you remember any of these and if maybe you have any others which you remember that we may have missed!

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