10 Legendary Mythical Creatures from History

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Although we are listing mythical creatures, there is actually some evidence to suggest the Kraken might actually be based on something real. For example, in 1555, Swedish writer and cartographer Olaus Magnus wrote of a sea creature with “sharp and long horns round about, like a tree root up by the roots: They are ten or twelve cubits long, very black, and with huge eyes…”

Norwegian sailors have told stories of this monster as far back as the 12th century. The tales usually describe a monster so large that it is often mistaken for an island, and in some cases, a series of islands. In 1752, Bishop of Bergen, Erik Ludvigsen Pontoppidan, when he wrote his The Natural History of Norway he described the kraken as “incontestably the largest Sea monster in the world”

Tales go back even further when it comes to Greek legends, as recounted in Homer’s 8th century BC epic poem, The Odyssey. Where Odysseus has to sail past a six headed monster called Scylla. As with the other creatures on this list it can be maintained that the Kraken, like them, are either fanciful legends or some misidentified natural phenomenon. The Kraken of legend however, is probably what we know today as the giant squid. While a colossal octopus might also fit the description. Having one of those wrap its tentacles around your ship would be an experience worthy of writing down.

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