8 Best Superbowl Halftime Performances Of All Time

Voice of America, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

With this year’s Superbowl having passed us already, it is time to revisit some of the most iconic half-time performances since they have become a staple in our homes! Of course, there is more to it than just the shows, family gatherings, watching the game and cheering on your favorite team, and eating some of the most amazing finger foods you can think of. It’s a night that has become an American celebration to be shared with family and friends.

A big part of these viewing parties has been the half-time show. The old marching band exclusive performances had their own appeal and were definitely iconic, but we cannot sit here and say that they were necessarily better. There is something special about a tiny concert given at half-time and some of the artists who have taken the opportunity to perform have given us some of the most amazing shows the limited timeslot allowed. Here we have gathered just some of the most amazing ones, that are definitely worth revisiting even years after!

Let us know if any of the ones here is your favorite or if you can think of any other shows that are worthy to be added to our list!

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1 thought on “8 Best Superbowl Halftime Performances Of All Time”

  1. Was this grouping put together prior to this last Superbowl at SoFi 2/13/2022. If so OK, but if it was listed afterwards then the person(s) putting this list together is a HATER(s), It was entertaining and flowed well… I could say more, but that show wasn’t Personal…. it was darn good… It deserved to be recognized as one of the BEST.

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