10 Stupidest Trends That Came From The Internet

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Remember that time when everyone was walking out of their moving cars to do some Kiki Challenge? Not very long ago, was it? Well, since we happened to dwell over just how stupid and dangerous that was. we looked around a bit more and found out there have been dumber challenges and trends on the internet.

This is to inform you that the challenges mentioned below are extremely dangerous and should not be tried at any cost, at home or otherwise. 

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The Outlet Challenge

This challenge involved plugging in your phone charger into the wall outlet and then sliding a coin doing the exposed prongs. This led to countless short circuits, and in some cases fires! Needless to say, a lot of dumbasses could have also been electrocuted.

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The Salt and Ice Challenge

This one doesn’t involve fire but it can and did give some people second and third-degree burns. Basically, willing participants put salt in their exposed skin and putting ice on it and holding them together to see who can tolerate the pain longer.

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Tide-Pod Challenge

This was simple enough. You ate packets of laundry detergents and posted it on social media. And mostly, you just got very sick or you know… YouTube has taken down most of these videos BTW.

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The Choking Game

Also fairly simple. Participants find ways to cut oxygen supply with the goal of getting some weird high but end up just passing out. Not a bunch of bright people, you see. And this has claimed its fair share of lives as well, in case you were getting an idea.

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Helium Huffing

You must have seen this on sitcoms and late-night shows where celebrities inhale helium and talk in a funny voice. Which must be safe, right? Yeah, well, except it’s not. Inhaling to helium under pressure can push oxygen out of your body and collapse your lungs as a lot of people have unfortunately found out over the last few years.

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Inhaling Nitrous Oxide

For the uninitiated, Nitrous Oxide is used at the dentist to knock you out. However, when consumed as a recreational drug, it gives a sense of euphoria followed by bouts of giggles. This can also cause blackouts and heart attacks. N₂O also inactivates B12, which can damage the spinal cord.

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The Boiling Water Challenge

Fairly simple, again. Makes you wonder if all the dumb people come up with these ideas! For this one, you have to live in extremely cold climates and then throw boiling water up in the air and watch as it instantly changes to snow. Here’s the deal though, that water is still hot and it falls on you, often causing severe burns.

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Snorting Condom Challenge

So people just snort condoms, I guess. Too bad, it’s solid and is very likely to kill your or land you in the emergency ward and then you have to explain to a bunch of strangers why you snorted condoms while your parents think about giving you up for adoption.

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The Duct Tape Challenge

The Duct Tape Challenge involves wrapping someone in duct tape and seeing how long it takes for them to escape. Of course, duct tape is incredibly sticky and strong, making it impossible to get free. To make matters worse, kids have been severely injured doing it. So, it’s probably best to save a few brain cells and stay away from this one.

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Gallon Smashing

There’s no better way to waste valuable, delicious milk than Gallon Smashing. While on video, teens take two gallons of milk and smash them on the ground, pretending to slip and fall. Of the dumb trends that the internet has fueled, this one is close to taking the cake.


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