6 Weird Themed Restaurants You Should Visit

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Let’s all be honest for a moment. They may not look like they serve the most amazing, worldwide awarded food, but we have looked up themed restaurants. Be it for their quirky atmosphere or downright bizarre theme, they are intriguing and since their emergence, a lot of us have been searching for them on google. Of course, no one is expecting them to serve several Michelin star dishes, but some do have tasty food: after all, the theme will only take you so far. You have to have decent food to stay in business.

There are countless themed restaurants around the United States but which ones are actually worth visiting? Well, look no further as we have made a list of some of the best ones, that you definitely have to visit if you are into these funky restaurants! From really weird(and sometimes even gross themes) to some that are just bizarre, there is an abundance to choose from.

If you decided to switch it up this next vacation and you want to include these in your plans, keep on reading! Let us know if you heard of these before and if there are any others you think should be on our list!

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