6 EXTREME Things People Did Just for Selfies

Image By Dina Zaur.a From Shutterstock

Since the modern days of Instagram and Facebook, everyone has become terrorized by the word selfie. And we cannot forget about those dreadful pout pictures when girls used to purse their lips and or feeds were full of basically the same picture, over and over again. Nowadays the newest fad is to get the most shocking and amazing pictures possible. Yet, the people are going to extreme lengths in order to do that!

There’s no surprise that young adults are trying to one-up each other, starting to take more and more dangerous selfies. Truly, with how insane some of them are, we are surprised there aren’t any more news reports of aspiring influencers getting injured taking these pictures. From running in front of a bull to take a picture, to taking a selfie in front of an open, active volcano, here are some of the most extreme selfies taken so far!

Let us know if you have heard of these before or if you have any other types of crazy selfies you think are worth adding to the list!

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