8 New York Christmas Trees You Need To See

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As we all await the lighting ceremony of the Rockefeller Christmas Tree, which is scheduled for the 1st of December, we can already feel the excitement for the holidays in the air. We cannot wait to start going around town and see all the decorations, with a cup of hot chocolate and all of our friends! Yet, is the big Rockefeller tree all there is to visit and admire?

The answer is no. New York has a ton of amazing sights to view and there are a lot more Christmas trees that are worth your time. They also do not get half of the hype the big one in the Center gets, despite being just as beautiful… just on a smaller scale. Believe us, you will not be disappointed!

Here we have compiled the best spruce trees in New York, where you can see some of the best decorations in town. And, who knows, maybe you can find some inspiration for your own Christmas tree this year from the ones you will see on your walk! If not, we guarantee you can get those amazing, cozy family pictures in front of them! Maybe you can make it a tradition.

Did you know about these amazing Christmas trees and sights?

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