6 Tragic Things About Princess Diana

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We’ve all heard of Princess Diana, as she has become an iconic figure in history and a royal that was just different from what anyone had in mind. That was because she was not royal per se, just part of a wealthy family, going from a shy, introverted teenager to the fiancee of one of the most important members of the royal family. There are lots to remember her for. Her love for hugs, how she did not abide by royal protocol and how she used fashion to her advantage, and most notably how she helped over 100 charities. Her tragic end marked a loss for everyone.

Yet, the way she left our world is not the only thing that was tragic about her. If anything, her life was sprinkled with numerous unfortunate moments that both made her who she was and brought her a lot of sorrow. We may know her as glamourous and kind, but not a lot of us know what lied behind the curtain.

We made a list of some of the most tragic events and facts about Diana Spencer, the Princess of Wales, that you may not have heard about before. They made us think about how even when someone seems to have it all, the reality may just be a bit more different, and good times just serve to mask potential cries for help.

Let us know if you’ve heard of the things Princess Diana has been through before!

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