’90s Trends That Are Having A Comeback

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It’s been over two decades since the ’90s ended and it seems like all the fashion trends of the time are making a comeback. We can say goodbye to the very tight jeans and weird pants with skirt combinations of the 2000s because it is time for the ’90s to shine! And shining they are, as more and more fashion trends from that period are coming back.

It may not be such a surprise as fashion is indeed circular, old trends are always coming back and some are here to stay, some never left to begin with. Look at tye dye shirts, those never truly went away it was just done less by children, but it has had a booming comeback. The ’60s never left us, they just became industrialized and now you can find kids wearing tye dye prints all over the town.

For the ’90s, there are a lot of trends that we have to thank be grateful for, especially since they put an emphasis on comfort and there were less bizarre combinations. If anything, we can look back and remember what we used to see and wear at the time, and reminisce with the nice memories. Who knows, maybe we have a few pieces that you can call vintage now and dust off for a nice comeback.

Let us know if you remember these ’90s trends and if you ever put them aside. Or did you thrive in the comfort of the ’90s fashion as the years rolled around?

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