12 Ideal RV Vacation Destinations for Spring

Photo by Andrey Armyagov – Shutterstock.com

Depending on how things evolve with the Coronavirus, many people are already planning their summer RV vacations. While the sunny season might be perfect for a little getaway trip, we think that spring RV vacations can be just as if not even more enjoyable!

For starters, you’ll miss a lot of the usual crowds even as your kids are off from school (hooray, spring break!). Secondly, you’ll experience much milder weather while the flowers will be in full bloom, offering you a colorful canvas all throughout your trip while you won’t have to worry about melting in the sun.

Whether you own an RV or are planning on renting one, we’ve prepared a list of destinations perfect for this spring! Once you read through, pick one that sounds perfect for you and call ahead to check for availability. With some luck and with the spread of the vaccine throughout the nation, you won’t have to cancel and wait for next year to go on a trip!

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