6 Common Health Myths Debunked

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There are a lot of myths regarding health that you probably heard from your parents and grandparents. However, a lot of them are not true and as well-intentioned as our elders or the sayings were, it is good to perpetuate health lies. The cold can not give you a cold and the drought is not your enemy if you just washed your hair: it is the fact that your hair is wet which makes you more susceptible to cold as you lose heat faster.

Other sayings have been debunked by doctors and scientists for ages. However, people still continue to perpetuate and believe them. Like the saying “starve a fever, feed a cold”. Doctors have said that when you are sick, be it with a fever or a cold or both, you may not feel like eating, but in reality, you need extra calories in order to fight the virus in your system. Just like this one, there are a lot more, but here we have debunked six of the most known ones!

Do you believe any of these health myths?

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