10 of the Weirdest People Who Have Ever Ran for President

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Roseanne Barr

Although celebrities running for political office is not exactly a new thing, Ronald Reagan was an actor after all, many have just toyed with the idea or said they may run at some time in the future. Roseanne Barr went one step further. The comedian and actress, who has had her fair share of controversies, actually filed the relevant papers with the Federal Election Commission in 2012 under the “Green Tea Party” ticket.

Ironically though, she ran her campaign by promoting mental health and meditation whilst simultaneously promising to send Wall Street bankers to re-education camps and/or to have them executed by beheading. A real vote for sane leadership……


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5 thoughts on “10 of the Weirdest People Who Have Ever Ran for President”

    1. Wow, you must be a Democrat. He did more for this Country and its citizens than anyone will ever do. I bet you were never in the Military.

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