10 of the Weirdest People Who Have Ever Ran for President

Image By Cheryl Senter From AP

Vermin Love Supreme

Someone who is a bit of an old hat (well…..boot, he wears a boot for a hat) at running for president is the awesomely named Vermin Love Supreme. Sticking with the theme of hats, he’s worn quite a few when it comes to his political affiliations, being an Independent, Democrat, Republican and is currently gearing up for the 2020 election as a Libertarian.

This performance artist and activist has been running for president every four years since back in 2004 and clearly cares about the health of the American people. Carrying an over sized novelty toothbrush around with him, he promises if elected he will pass a law requiring people to brush their teeth. Sounds reasonable enough I guess, however, his other campaign promises are a bit more out there.

He had previously campaigned on a rather unsteady platform of zombie apocalypse awareness and promised to use American tax payers dollars to seriously research the possibility of time travel so he could go back in time and kill Adolf Hitler. If none of those have got your vote, how about his promise to give a free pony to everyone in the nation.


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5 thoughts on “10 of the Weirdest People Who Have Ever Ran for President”

    1. Wow, you must be a Democrat. He did more for this Country and its citizens than anyone will ever do. I bet you were never in the Military.

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