10 of the Weirdest People Who Have Ever Ran for President

Homer Aubrey Tomlinson

Not a huge fan of the philosophic and jurisprudential concept of the separation of church and state, this former New York advertising executive turned Pentecostal preacher ran for president in five straight elections between 1952 until his death in 1968. Quite unsurprisingly he ran a platform that was religion centric and even founded his own party, the Theocratic Party.

If elected he would add two new posts for the “Secretary of Righteousness” and “Secretary of the Holy Bible.” It will come as no surprise that he lost every election he ran in but that didn’t stop his lust for power. In 1962 at the University of British Columbia he elected himself King of the World, popped on a painted gold crown and ‘ruled the world’ from a hotel room in Jerusalem, complete with a folding chair throne. You know, like any sane person would.


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5 thoughts on “10 of the Weirdest People Who Have Ever Ran for President”

    1. Wow, you must be a Democrat. He did more for this Country and its citizens than anyone will ever do. I bet you were never in the Military.

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