10 Things You Think You Know About the Coronavirus But Actually Don’t

Photo by fotyma from Envato Elements

6. Pets can get coronaviruses

Unfortunately, our beloved pets can contract coronaviruses—sometimes with deadly consequences. A 2011 study in the journal Advances in Virology discusses how what’s called pantropic canine coronavirus can infect cats and dogs. And a virus known as feline infectious peritonitis can even cause cats to exhibit flu-like symptoms or even organ failure.

This month it was confirmed that a dog in Hong Kong contracted coronavirus from his owner. “There are strains of coronavirus that do affect dogs, typically puppies,” said Christie Long, DVM, the head of veterinary medicine at Modern Animal in Los Angeles. “As coronaviruses themselves are capable of rapid mutation, we are always on the lookout for evidence of disease caused by new strains of this virus.”

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