10 Weird Addictions That Could Make You Lose Everything

9. Reading

Reading addiction.
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We don’t recommend kids using this as an excuse to get out of their reading assignments! Reading addictions can be just as serious and harmful as other addictions primarily because they cause the person that suffers from them to isolate himself or herself.

Obviously, this doesn’t encompass those who manage to read two books per year but those that go through several over the course of a few days. In more severe cases, sufferers will read just about anything regardless of the type of material. This addiction can lead to severe social isolation that can then lead to the loss of jobs, opportunities, and even close interpersonal relationships.

A reading addiction can lead to severe physical harm if an addict will lose sleep in favor of reading.

Getting to the root cause of the issue can help treat this addiction. Until then it’ll be difficult to recover from. Another issue stemming from this is the fact that many people don’t even recognize this as being as severe as it truly is. After all, there are people who take extreme pride in the number of books they can read and wish to inspire others who do the same. As such it would be difficult to categorize someone as addicted to reading at first.

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