10 Weird Addictions That Could Make You Lose Everything

6. Exercise

Taking a break from working out.
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Recognizing the root of the problem, when it comes to exercise addictions, can be very difficult. The people who suffer from this may generally be unaware of the seriousness of their issues and when they are approached by friends or family members they may dismiss their worries entirely.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out why! After all, exercising is good for us. How can something good cause harm?

Virtually anything can be dangerous when taken to the extreme, even staying active. A person who works out more than two hours a day, every day, will be categorized as an addict. Typically, they will skip on social events in order to exercise, often leading to more serious physical harm. Sadly, addicts will often ignore injuries and continue working out- again, it’s supposed to be healthy, right?

In addition to missing out on events with friends or family, an addict may skip work or miss out on important deadlines in order to work out. This need for control is often exacerbated by stress, so it’s important to find the root of the issue, as with all sorts of addictions.

Treatment can help find the underlying issue, support is also needed in order for the afflicted person to avoid stress as much as possible which in turn will help against relapses.

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