10 Weird Addictions That Could Make You Lose Everything

4. Body Modification

Extreme body modifications.
Photo by Alexandros Michailidis – Shutterstock.com

Just because more and more people are getting cosmetic surgeries, piercings and tattoos nowadays does not mean they are addicted to body modification. Remember, addictions are things that are taken to the extreme and may cause issues in a person’s social life, health, and appearance.

Basically, you won’t be considered an addict if you have a couple of tattoos and a few piercings. Nor will you be considered an addict if you’ve gotten lip fillers and are planning on getting a breast augmentation surgery.

It’s important to find the underlying issue and, in most cases, therapeutic help could lead right down to it. Needless to say, someone may be very unhappy with their appearance and they might be convinced that they have to achieve certain beauty standards. In other instances, they may truly believe that without these extreme modifications they would be rejected by society.

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