11 Household Items You Should Never Clean with Water

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Silver objects

According to experts, cleaning your silver objects with water, much like with brass items, can lead to (more) tarnish, so try to avoid it. Instead of water, you can use silver polish or even ketchup. We know that it sounds crazy, but it really works!

The explanation is that “the mild acidity of ketchup will help get rid of the tarnish,” said Kathy Turley, Director of Marketing at Home Clean Heroes. Let your silver items soak in ketchup for at least ten minutes, rinse off the ketchup with water, and buff with a cloth. “Why is it safe to use the water later in the step? Because you are rinsing the ketchup off and already gotten rid of the tarnish,” Turley added.

Our minds are not fuzzy with this next suggestion…..

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4 thoughts on “11 Household Items You Should Never Clean with Water”

  1. Thank you SO much for this information!! I’ve been cleaning some things ALL wrong, but now I know!! Just the other day, we had trouble with our stove
    burner not working. But guess what??? I had cleaned it with water!!! No more!

  2. I am a silk dying artist. I use water all the time to clean silk items. The key is total immersion. You are right though that spot cleaning will leave water stains. Silk fibers are just about the strongest out there short of kevlar. I wash silk clothing in the washing machine and dry on delicate cycle. Heavier silk clothing though does better with dry cleaning.

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