12 Craziest Things That Have Washed Ashore

Photo by Peter Schulzek – Shutterstock.com

A Dead ‘Body’

A woman made a harrowing discovery on a beach when she found what first appeared to be a dead body, decapitated and covered in barnacles. The volunteer, who worked for Ocean Hour, a Florida conservation non-profit organization, only realized that she was looking at a mannequin after 911 was contacted by another bystander.

The discovery made headlines after Ocean Hour’s Facebook post about it was shared by some 3,500 people.

What do you say, would you call this a happy ending, since it was just an old mannequin?

A Brain

We assume that when people go for a stroll down the beach, they don’t just wonder ‘Hey, am I going to find a brain today?’

But that’s exactly what happened to a Wisconsin artist in late 2020. He was looking for objects to include in his work when he found something wrapped in tinfoil. Curious, the man unwrapped it and first thought the discovery looked like chicken breast, but upon closer inspection, he found out it was a brain.

Next to it, he also found Chinese money and flowers wrapped in a pink rubber band. Luckily, the Racine County Medical Examiner’s office found that the brain wasn’t human. Still, why was it there, wrapped in tinfoil? What about the money and the flowers? We hope that one day this bizarre mystery will be solved.

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