12 Ways the World Would Be Different Without Bill Gates


Technology-enabled in-home healthcare would look different

Without Bill Gates, we would not be where we are today when it comes to technology that enables greater healthcare access for those who need it most, Eric Rock, founder and CEO of Vivify Health, a mobile digital health platform says. Rock previously served as an advisor for Microsoft’s touchscreen and healthcare teams.

“Gates’ groundbreaking work and the development of the personal computer served as a jumping-off point for today’s mobile technologies that bring healthcare to more people than ever before—even in their own homes,” he explains.

“Bill Gates’ work with Microsoft enabled health data to live in the cloud which made it easier for hospitals and health systems to mobilize, ultimately leading to web applications and telemedicine.

These are leveraged not only by major corporations like Walgreens but also within my own organization. Gates’ contributions with advanced operating systems and database platforms have even helped unlock the full potential of analytics and machine learning.”

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