14 Bad Habits That Are Damaging Your Home

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3. Putting your appliances too close to one another

If the kitchen feels cramped, de-clutter it! You’re better off putting away your appliances when they are not in use instead of crowding your kitchen, because placing them too close to one another could actually destroy your home.

“It’s important to leave a bit of unoccupied space around [appliances] so they can properly ventilate and you can avoid a potential fire hazard,” says Frontpoint home security specialist Krysten Holland.

4. Running extension cords under rugs

Running your extension cords under a rug as a way of concealing them from view is certainly not the best solution.

“Hidden under a rug, they become a menace that can both trip you and set your house on fire,” Holland says. According to the Electrical Safety Foundation International, extension cords cause approximately 3,300 house fires each year that result in 50 deaths and some 270 injuries.

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