14 Electrical Mistakes You Should Definitely Avoid

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5. Plugging one extension cord into another

When you connect multiple extension cords all together to power your appliances in spots that are really far from your wall outlets, you should take into consideration that it is not safe.

“With anything to do with electricity, you must use it responsibly and carefully,” says David Walter, founder of Electrician Mentor, who notes that that piggybacking extension chords is potential fire hazard.

Instead, you should place the appliances you want to use closer to the wall outlets or you should have additional ones installed.

6. Adding a bigger circuit breaker as a fix for any issue

You should know that a frequently-tripped circuit breaker is not something that can be solved by just swapping it out for a larger electrical panel.

“Putting in a larger breaker can cause the cable to overheat and start to melt the surrounding material,” Ingeveld says. Before you do anything you might regret, he says, call an electrician in order to diagnose the reason behind the issue.

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