14 Electrical Mistakes You Should Definitely Avoid

Photo by goffkein.pro from Shutterstock

9. Using adaptors to turn two-prong outlets into three-prong ones

Using a device for connecting pieces of equipment that cannot be connected directly can actually cause more trouble than you might think.

“There is a small circular tab on these adapters that are meant to be attached to the metal part of the box in the wall behind it” that most people ignore, explains Fattizzi. Skipping this step means that your outlet isn’t grounded, which can present a “very dangerous.”

10. Using the wrong light bulbs

“The reason for a maximum bulb size is because of the level of heat that is produced by the bulb,” says Fattizzi. “If you overload that socket, the excess heat produced will degrade the insulation on the wiring of the fixture as well as the wiring providing power to that fixture.”

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