14 Things You Should NEVER Store in Your Basement (Here’s Why)

Photo by Pablo Scapinachis from Shutterstock

1. Photos

You shouldn’t store your family photo albums in the basement! “Your photos will not survive humid environments and over time, even dryness will make them brittle,” says Karin Socci, a Master Certified KonMari Consultant and owner of The Serene Home. “It’s far better to transfer the media to cloud-based formats so that you will have images that are easy to share,” she adds.

2. Paperwork

The same goes for paperwork. The deed to your home, birth certificates, your car title, your marriage and/or divorce papers and your tax return should be put somewhere safe and your basement isn’t the place we are talking about.

“Documents should not be kept in either the attic or the basement,” says professional organizer Susan Santoro, founder of organizing website Organized31. Instead, you should place them in a home office or a desk.

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